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My name is Olga Stenina-Adognravi. I was born and raised in Russia. I graduated from a high school in Moscow, then from the First Medical Academy of Moscow with an M.S. in Pharmaceutics. I have acquired my Ph.D. degree in biology from the National Cardiology Center in Moscow and later came to United States for my post-doctoral training at the Cleveland Clinic. Twenty years later I still work at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the four best hospitals and educational centers in the country, as an Associate Professor. My everyday activities include directing a group of research scientists and teaching graduate and medical students. My career as a research scientist and an educator has been very fulfilling and successful.

I am married and have two grown daughters and two grandchildren, who are my pride and joy.

Growing in a society that exercises and preaches the formal materialistic approach and excludes any possibility of admitting that we know too little about the Universe to understand how it works, I always felt that the formal materialistic logic does not explain the perfection and the beauty of the world and the life. Whether I was discovering the molecular mechanisms operating in our body or stumbled upon amazing "coincidences” in my life and my interactions with others, I always knew that the Higher Laws rule the Universe. My search to understand how the Universe works and how people are connected to the Universe and to each other has brought me to the study of astrology. I found that the knowledge of astrology fills our lives with higher meaning and helps us to deal with the everyday life and to achieve our highest potential. My formal education in astrological tradition is associated with the International Academy of Astrology, a recognized school for professional astrologers (
I live in Cleveland, Ohio.

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