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Worlds First Totally Safe Glow Paint is Launched in the UK

umesha mk
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Worlds First Totally Safe Glow Paint is Launched in the UK

This week sees the UK launch of Superstarz (, a ground-breaking new Glow in the Dark paint from interior decorating specialists Superstars Ceilings working in conjunction with Starz Ceilings. The paint is a world-first in terms of safety and following rigorous testing has been deemed 100% safe for use by both adults and children alike. Taking more than a year to develop Superstarz Glow in the Dark paints are seen as a major step forward in Glow Paint technology.

Most paints, including Glow Paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC?), particularly formaldehyde and lead, which are harmful to everyone. They can be extremely damaging to personal health and the environment and paint ranks as one of the top contributors of this type of pollution. There is extreme concern over the high levels of VOC? that we are exposed to whilst using paints.

Superstarz paint has zero VOC? and has been developed by a leading scientist whose life? work has focused on Glow in the Dark technology. Now for the first time ever a Glow in the Dark paint is available that is totally safe and free of any formaldehyde and lead. Important to note is that the new Superstarz paint is fully compliant to EU toy safety regulations EN71 part 3. The paint is also beneficial to asthmatics and sufferers of allergies.

The launch comes just days after the department store Harrods was forced to recall hundreds of toys after tests found potentially harmful levels of formaldehyde, just one of an increasing number of chemicals and lead compounds being found in products causing them to be removed from the market.

The search for a 100% VOC Free, Child-Friendly Glow in the Dark paint was deemed necessary as Superstars Ceilings use Glow paints to transform children? bedroom ceilings into truly amazing out-of-this-world cosmic night sky murals. These murals remain invisible during the daytime. The paint is then charged by daylight, UV or artificial light and at night the paints glow for up to 12 hours and the ceilings come to life. Mark Watts from Superstars Ceilings says ?s our work involves using Glow In The Dark paints on a daily basis in children? rooms it was important to find a totally safe paint that would not have adverse effects on us during the application stage and also to the child using the room once each job was completed. With the introduction of our new Superstarz range of paints we now have that peace of mind.?

Ceilings painted with Superstarz paint have been proven to help children sleep. " I am delighted now that Benjamin sleeps not only with the light off but also with his door shut. This is something I thought we would never achieve, but now he can't wait to see his ceiling," said one happy parent.

Superstarz glow paint is now on general sale and comes in four colours: blue, violet, green and aqua and a 60ml pot costs just £15.99 (including postage and packing).

For further information on this exciting breakthrough in paint technology visit the Superstarz website at

Media Contact - Mark Watts @
Telephone: 441706 212229
Email ? 
Author Resource:- Media Contact - Mark Watts @
Telephone: 441706 212229
Email ?

This article was published on:
Monday, October 15, 2018

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Steven Pink 1 year ago
good article
Steven Pink 1 year ago
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