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In 1995, several hundred persons experienced in computer conferencing were conferring electronically to discuss the past and imagine the future of online communities and commercial communications services.

As a result of those discussions we decided to join together to create a member-owned virtual community and commercial non-profit online service, The River.

Our goal has been to share what we have learned online and then apply our collective wisdom to design that which will be in the future.

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"The River is an open, self-governing, uncensored, economically sustainable, computer conferencing system. The central missions of the River are to maintain a medium for conversations among a group of diverse people, and to foster virtual communities which control their own destiny. The River Community is owned and governed by the people who create the high-quality conversations which are the source of the River's value. The River is dedicated to experimentation, and welcomes newcomers."

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To members and subscribers the River provides, in this priority: conferencing (command line and web interface), email, and shell access. Beginning in 1999 the River also offersleased private conferencingto members, subscribers, and others. The River is co-housed with an existing concern which offers net access. The River is available from your ISP. There is no direct dial-in access.

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User fees are $10 monthly, or $100 for a full year in advance.
For new users paying monthly, the second month's fee will be waived.

Each user will be allowed 5 Megabytes of free disk storage. Additional storage will be charged for at the rate of $1 per meg per month.

If you would like more information on signing up for the River, check out ourSign-Up page.

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The River is a member-owned, member-governed co-op. Any River account holder can become a member by paying the annual membership fee of $50.

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The River is incorporated in the State of California.

You can contact us via email at(

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The Riveris a service mark ofThe River Cooperative Corporation.We use theYappConferencing Software.

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