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What You Must Know About E-Business Security

Gregory Smyth
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The Internet was an absolute world revolution, both for social and business interactions, and the way that the world is structured and managed. It brought new opportunities for providing information to customers, employees, suppliers and partners for business, but it has also brought challenges. Reduced costs in terms of greater economies of scale, increased efficiency and lower overheads have made great business savings, however some of these are offset in the need to manage e-business security.

This is a specialized area which, we will see, is best handled by information technology consultants, to ensure your data security and computer network security.

The most prominent reason for managing e-business network security is the value of the data which is now available to the community at large. For example, companies can greatly reduce overheads and employee input by allowing suppliers to have access to an ongoing order information. Where previously companies' information was compartmentalized - split into areas that dealt with a finance department, an ordering department, an accounting department and a manufacturing department, for example, now information is shared relatively freely between entities.

This improves communication and work processes, but also means that valuable information is more freely available to intruders. The potential rewards to be gained from someone compromising your computer network security, and the damage that could be done if data weer corrupted, mean that it makes sens to invest in your data security with qualified network security consultants.

Scalability of services is enhanced by the Internet - scalability of risk mitigation systems that can be deployed is reduced. If a system of business network security is internet enabled, it must support many more users than any of the largest traditional enterprise systems. Solutions must be geared to manage millions of users, not a paltry thousand or so - and this means that in-house network security services simply won't be sufficient.

When setting up a business network security strategy, it is important to realize that it cannot stand alone. It must be interoperable with other systems and sites. For example, online ordering systems are quite common nowadays.

However, these systems must be interoperable with third party payment providers, such as Paypal, they must be able to check stock levels by exchanging information with suppliers' systems, and they must interact properly with the customers hardware and software. Information technology consultants will ensure all of these things for your business, and will make sure of your data security while your operating system interacts with levels of multi-tier architecture.

Finally, as with all business purchases, you need to be assured of the effectiveness of business network security solutions that your company acquires. Look for information technology consultants that have security evaluations carried out by licensed, independent and accredited organizations. Your business will also need a security certificate for online trading.

Gaining a security certificate can take a year or longer, but some of the side benefits, other than assuring your company's data security, include improvements in your development, shipping and testing processes.
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Monday, October 15, 2018

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