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 Work anywhere easier

 Work more securely

 Relax a little

  • Find and connect to networks in just three clicks.
  • Automatically connect to your preferred network printer with Location Aware Printing.
  • Give presentations more professionally with easy projector connection and special display settings.
  • Keep using most business programs with Windows XP Mode.
  • Help safeguard your work with automatic backups, including network backups.
  • File encryption can help keep confidential information secure on PCs with more than one user.
  • Assistance features, such as Windows Troubleshooting, reduce the need for outside support.
  • Use Problem Steps Recorder to create training tools or to document problems requiring outside support.
  • Use Windows Media Center to access all your entertainment.
  • Play amazingly realistic games with DirectX 11.

This article was published on:
Monday, October 15, 2018

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